What are the different types of parking offered?
We offer various types of airport parking options including meet and greet parking, park and ride, on site airport parking and off-site airport parking. Each of these methods is highly convenient and offers several benefits. Which has been listed in the following points:

What is Park and ride?
Park and ride is an option where you will personally drive your car to the compound where you have selected your booking, you will drop your vehicle at this destination and in most cases, you will take your keys with you. This means you leave your car parked in the facilities provided for you and then you will make your way to the airport from this location, usually they will provide you with some form of transport to and from the airport (normally a shuttle bus) which will operate throughout the day and night at specific times, the location of the parking will never be more than 20minutes away from the airport.

What is Meet and Greet?
Meet and greet is a service in which the parking agents you have booked with will meet you at the terminal selected. This is the most preferred service, they will meet you at the terminal take your keys from you and drive your car to the compound where they have their parking spaces, the compound will be fenced have security lighting, CCTV and in most cases are manned 24/7. When you return to the airport coming home, you will be required to call them after you have collected your final bag from baggage collection, this will allow the driver the correct time to arrive outside the terminal you are at where your vehicle will be waiting for you.

What is On-site parking?
On-site parking refers to parking your car on the spaces provided by the airport in one of their car parking spaces, it is also possible for some parking agents to have their parking spaces on-site but usually these are owned by the airport themselves so it is rare that they will be on-site at the airport. You can park in multi-story car parks or other parking spaces provided by the airport, but these are not always manned although they are fenced and usually have security lighting and CCTV.

What is Off-site parking? 
Off-site parking is referring to the spaces in which you will use that are a small distance from the airport, Still very close by and usually no longer than 20 minutes away from the airport itself. This is an important aspect because you don’t want to be waiting a long period of time for your vehicle to be returned, or if you have chosen a park and ride service it will only be a shuttle bus away.

Why Travellers Prefer the Meet and Greet Service?

  • - No walk from parking area to check-in terminal.
  • - Assistance from professional chauffeurs.
  • - Assistance with your luggage.
  • - Car is parked for you at a safe parking facility.
  • - It’s faster and more convenient.
  • - Car is brought back to you upon your return.
  • - All drivers are CRB checked and fully insured to
    drive your vehicle to and from the airport.