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One of the biggest airports in the UK, Gatwick Airport is based in the South East of England just outside Central London. While it is not the busiest airport in the UK, flagging behind London Heathrow when it comes to passenger traffic, it is still the ninth-busiest in Europe.

The airport’s first commercial flight took place in 1933. Since then the two terminals of the airport have continued to grow in popularity. Thanks to its successful growth the airport has made petitions to the UK Government to increase its runway capacity. A final decision has yet to be made on this matter.

If you are looking for cheap parking at Gatwick, you’d be hard pushed to find a better deal than the ones at offer at Cheap Airport Parking Deals. By pre-booking online using our simple to use service you can save up to 60% compared to other Gatwick parking providers. Now that’s using your head.

What Services We Offer Via Gatwick Airport Parking?
We offer wide range of the cheapest airport parking services at Gatwick Airport, and our prices are budget friendly and affordable.

We provide following services at Gatwick Airport.

• Gatwick Car Parking
• Gatwick Valet Parking
• Gatwick North Parking
• Gatwick South Parking
• Gatwick Long Stay Parking
• Gatwick Short Stay Parking
• Gatwick Meet and Greet Parking

Check In - Gatwick North Terminal
Our Gatwick Parking check in desks are easily located on the North Terminal. To avoid any last-minute rushes, ensure that you arrive with plenty of time to spare.

Check out our guide below:

• International flights - check-in opens 4 hours prior to departure
• European flights - check-in opens 3 hours prior to departure
• Domestic flights - check-in opens 2 hours prior to departure

Check In - Gatwick South Terminal
Our Gatwick Parking check in desks can also be found on the south Terminal. To avoid any last-minute rushes, ensure that you arrive with plenty of time to spare.

Here are some guidelines to travelling:

• International flights - check-in opens 4 hours prior to departure
• European flights - check-in opens 3 hours prior to departure
• Domestic flights - check-in opens 2 hours prior to departure

Departure Procedure
You need to call your parking operator when you are 20 mins away from the Gatwick airport, and their Driver will meet you at the airport terminal or car park

Return Procedure
On your return, please give a call to your parking operator. Once you have collected all your luggage, they will arrange for one of their drivers to bring your vehicle to your designated pick up point.

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Gatwick Airport Parking
There are few things more stressful than preparing to travel, so allow us to take some of the strain out of the day with our dedicated Gatwick airport parking. Choosing to park with us allows you to relax safe in the knowledge that your vehicle parking is taken care of so you can focus on what really matters before you go away.

We take your vehicle from the Gatwick Terminal and park it in our secure parking lot, saving you from the monotony of circling to find a space. Not only is our service smooth and efficient, but it’s also much quicker too. Save your valuable time by booking online before your visit to the airport and all of your Gatwick parking arrangements will be prepared by us. Simply drive up on the day and fly away! Best of all, our prices are very competitive.

Check out some of our competitors, and you’ll see that we really do offer a high-quality service at incredible prices. And if you’re really looking for cheap parking at Gatwick then pre-booking our services will give you the best bang for your buck, helping you save up to 60% when compared with others offering Gatwick airport parking.

Cheap Parking at Gatwick Airport
Whether you’re after no-frills parking near Gatwick or you’re hoping to get your car valeted while you’re on your jollies, we can help you find the service for you. We pride ourselves on providing affordable services with exceptional customer support. Just ask our many repeat customers.

Why Choose US

• We have wide range of parking options
• We provide affordable rates for Gatwick airport parking
• Online pre-book facility available
• Safest and easiest way to park your car
• Long stay parking facilities available

Parking and Ride Gatwick:
Cheap Airport Parking Deals provides a park and ride option for those who would like an inexpensive option for parking near Gatwick. The parking lot is located just 15 minutes away from the terminal itself, making it ideally positioned to service Gatwick airport passengers.

In this no-frills approach to parking, you have the freedom of choosing your own car parking space before continuing with your vacation.

How Does Park and Ride Work?
When using our pre-bookable Park and Ride facilities for Gatwick Parking, you park your vehicle in our secure parking compound yourself. The bonus of this is the cost – cheap parking at Gatwick is not easy to come by, but through self-service, we can pass on the savings to you.

After parking your vehicle, you just hop on one of our shuttle buses to take you to Gatwick airport ready for your flight. On return to the airport, you just need to board one of these again to return to your vehicle.

Meet and Greet Parking Gatwick
Our Meet and Greet parking at Gatwick is our dedicated service that aims to remove all stress from your journey. Our friendly, trained staff are on hand to organise your parking for you, giving you the freedom to continue on your journey uninterrupted. Allow our staff to park your vehicle for you and return it to the Gatwick parking drop-off point on your return. No waiting around required.

How Does Meet and Greet Parking Work

When it comes to Gatwick airport parking our Meet and Greet service is simplicity itself, taking all the stress out of your journey. Simply greet one of our chauffeurs at the drop-off point on your arrival at Gatwick and let them park your vehicle for you.

When you return from your trip, our chauffeur is on hand to meet you with your vehicle so you can head off home immediately without delay. This is a great option for those who are travelling with young families or the time poor such as businesspeople.

Valet Meet and Greet Parking Gatwick:

If you’re looking for a little bit extra when it comes to Meet and Greet Gatwick airport parking then how about trying our valet service on for size?

You’ll get all the benefits of our dedicated Meet and Greet service, saving you time and effort before and after your journey. In addition, your car will also be valeted, so it’s sparkling clean when returned to you after your trip.

Cleaning includes:

• Detail exterior polish
• Door jams cleaned
• Carpets cleaned
• Dashboard glossed
• Tires and mud-flaps rinsed
• Exterior and interior windows cleaned
• Cheapest Gatwick Meet and Greet Parking

Our affordable Meet and Greet Gatwick parking is the simplest method of parking your vehicle. Our prices blow our competitors out of the water, and service is second to none. Just pre-book your parking online and be assured of an excellent quality service that is not only quick but also suits your budget.

We don’t expect you to wait around on your return to Gatwick airport. Our punctual team is on hand with your vehicle as you disembark your plane, meaning you can get on with your journey swiftly. Our quality service speaks for itself.

Call us today on 0161 222 4050 or Email us at

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