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London Luton Airport is located in Luton, Bedfordshire and was previously named Luton International Airport. In 1990 it was renamed to include London in its title as it is easily accessed from the city. It is one of six airports serving London, and the fourth-largest serving the area. It can be accessed via train from Central London in just 22 minutes.

Luton is the fifth busiest airport in the UK, handling over 14.5 million passengers last year. The airport is home to popular airlines Monarch, EasyJet, Ryanair and Thomson Airways with flights to Europe. The US and Asia common. The growing popularity of London Luton Airport means that parking near Luton airport is always in high demand. This makes pre-organisation of parking essential.

What Services Do We Offer Via Luton Airport Parking?
We offer a wide range of the cheapest airport parking services at Luton Airport, and our prices are budget friendly and affordable.

Cheap Airport Parking Deals provide following services at Luton Airport.

• Luton Car Parking
• Luton Valet Parking
• Luton Park and Ride
• Luton Meet and Greet Parking

Departure Procedure
You will need to call your parking operator when you are 20 mins away from the Luton airport, and their Driver will meet you at the airport terminal.

Return Procedure
On your return, please give a call to your parking operator. Once you have collected all your luggage, they will arrange for one of their drivers to bring your vehicle to your designated pick up point.

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Car Parking at Luton Airport
Our airport parking at Luton airport is provided offsite on our safe, secure parking compound. This gives you a service-oriented, affordable option which aims to take all of the financial sting out of airport parking.

Our cheap parking at Luton airport saves you from the stress and strain of having to park, so you’re free to enjoy your travel in peace. With all of our Luton parking options, we recommend pre-booking to make the parking experience as smooth and efficient as possible. So whether you’re a business passenger or travelling on a family adventure, check out the options we have available online to find one that suits your needs.

An effortless Luton parking experience:
If you’ve ever circled endlessly around a parking lot trying to find a space, then you’ll know all about the stress it can cause. At Cheap Airport Parking Deals we make Luton parking effortless. Our highly-trained staff have many years of experience to make the experience simple and convenient, whatever your reason for travel.

Cheap parking at Luton airport:
At Cheap Airport Parking Deals we are proud to provide our valued customers with exceptional quality parking at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of Luton parking solutions from Meet and Greet parking to valet parking, so whatever your budget you are bound to find the service for you.

Why Choose Us:
• We offer a wide range of parking options
• We provide affordable rates for Luton airport parking
• Online pre-book facility
• Safest and easiest way to park your car
• Long stay parking facilities available

Heathrow Park and Ride
Cheap Airport Parking Deals allows you to embark on your holiday in a stress-free way. Not only is it a secure option, but offers a competitive deal for those worried about the cost of airport parking. Of all of our options, Park and Ride is, without a doubt, the most secure, and cheapest way to park your vehicle safely. This makes it a great deal option for those on a tight budget who don’t want to compromise on a quality service.

Using the Park and Ride option, you select the parking space for your vehicle. You may then either park the vehicle yourself or hand the key over to a staff member to park your vehicle for you. You then board a bus transfer or shuttle bus to arrive at the airport. On arriving back at Luton, you will need to board the bus again to retrieve your vehicle.

Because of the self-serve nature of a Park and Ride, this is the most cost effective option for parking near Luton. You can also forgo having to order expensive taxi services to get you to and from the airport providing additional savings. There are a host of Park and Ride options available for Luton, including long stay, short stay, off and on-site parking.

Why choose Park and ride:
• Cheapest and easiest way to park your car
• Easy and friendly parking options
• Depending on car parks, you can take your key with you.
• Suitable for all kind of parking requirements.
• Pre-book facility available
• Ideal for long stay parking

How it works
With park and ride, we take the stress out of transfers. This is a very cheap parking option, too. Just follow these simple steps:

• Park in a dedicated parking space.
• Hop on a bus transfer to London Luton airport.
• When you arrive back home, return to Luton airport using a bus transfer at Luton airport.
• Pick up your car.

This option can be pre-booked for ease of travel.
With Park and Ride your vehicle is parked in a compound, and you either use the shuttle bus or transfer to the airport itself. You are usually required to decide upon your parking spot and park your vehicle to suit your needs. You then transfer to the airport using the shuttle service.

On returning from your vacation, you simply need to hop back on a bus transfer from the airport to the parking compound to return to your vehicle. This easy to use option is by far the cheapest parking Luton has to offer.

Meet and Greet parking Luton:
Our Meet and Greet Luton parking is the ultimate in hassle-free parking. When you arrive for parking at Luton terminal, you will find our highly-trained chauffeur waiting to take your vehicle. They will then park your vehicle in our secure dedicated parking compound and leave you free to enjoy the rest of your journey without worrying about your vehicle.

When you return from your trip, you will simply return to the drop-off desk at the airport terminal, and our chauffeur will immediately get your vehicle and return it to you. After all, no-one enjoys waiting around after an exhausting flight.

Cheap Meet and Greet parking at Luton airport:
Cost is a huge factor when travelling, and many fail to take into account the cost of parking at their departing airport. This is why we work hard to make sure that our parking services are affordable. Cheap parking at Luton airport is our specialty. We strive to offer great customer service at low rates, so whether you are travelling away for business or are jetting off with family, we have a service for your budget.

Why are we the best?
Our Meet and Greet service is great for those who are looking to jet away with minimum effort. Your vehicle is taken from you at our drop-off terminal and is parked in our secure facilities without any intervention from you. This means you can go off and enjoy a bit of duty-free shopping, grab a coffee and relax before your flight.

Pre-booking your parking gives you the greatest time saving when parking at Luton terminal, so take a look at our options online. If you have mobility problems or are travelling with children our Meet and Greet parking option can be a lifesaver.

Valet Parking
When you book our Meet and Greet service, you have the option of choosing valet parking services too. Our valet parking at Luton airport is second-to-none, giving you great value for money and saving you time, too.

Our dedicated chauffeur will take your vehicle from the drop-off point and park it in our parking lot. During your vacation, our staff will then clean your vehicle before returning it for parking at Luton terminal.

When you return from your trip, a chauffeur will then return your spotlessly clean vehicle to you at the drop off point. Our valet service includes:

• Dashboard is wiped and glossed
• Door cills are cleaned
• Windows polished
• Tires & mud-flaps are glossed
• Carpets are cleaned
• Exterior detail wax and polish.
• Convenient and Perfect for Families

Why go through the trouble of parking your vehicle yourself when Cheap Airport Parking Deals can take the strain of Luton parking away? Simply visit our website, and after a few clicks, you’ll be provided a competitive tailored quote for our services. Feel free to check out our customer reviews of our exceptional service, and most importantly enjoy your holiday in peace.

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